Inside the passenger compartment of the 508 RXH BlueHDi, everything has been designed to deliver uninterrupted driving enjoyment and passenger relaxation.



The sleek dashboard stylings, the quality of the materials used and the meticulous attention to detail give the car a sophisticated feel. And with high-tech equipment that's extremely easy to access from the intuitive driver's seat, the 508 RXH BlueHDi is easy and enjoyable to drive - each and every time.



The 508 RXH BlueHDi gives you the option of replacing the traditional key with electronic recognitioni. An electronic ID that fits snugly into any pocket or handbag enables the driver to enter the vehicle, and then to start and stop the engine just by pressing the Start/Stop button. On exiting the vehicle, a gentle touch of the handle is all that's required to lock it.



The interior design of the 508 RXH BlueHDi has been carefully conceived to offer a remarkable level of comfort. That's why each passenger enjoys a generous amount of room, together with special equipment.



With a surface area of 1.6m2, the panoramic roof stretches all the way back to the rear. It literally opens up the vehicle's interior, creating a feeling of freedom and lighting up the entire passenger compartment. And for enhanced comfort, the roof also comes equipped with an electric shutter system with 5 pre-sets and a rotating sequential control, allowing you to adjust it to suit your requirements.


In addition to manual single zone and automatic two-zone air conditioningi, the Peugeot 508 RXH BlueHDi also offers the option of four-zone air conditioningi, allowing each occupant to control his or her own space - for personalised, maximised comfort.



The generous 660 l (560 dm3 VDA) boot capacity of the 508 RXH BlueHDii rises to 1,865 l (1,598 dm3 VDA), once the rear seats are folded down. These figures include additional storage compartments under the boot mat providing 48 l (42 dm3 VDA)i.

One simple hand movement is enough to make the rear seats fold down, either fully or partly, placing still more capacity at your disposal. There are also 2 further storage compartments under the floor, plus a high load net allowing you to use all the available loading space, right up to roof level.


The 508 RXH BlueHDi also has a motorised tailgate. This can be operated via the remote control, from the driver's seat or from a control unit built into the tailgate itself. To close the tailgate, simply press the button built into the boot flap.



For optimum space and convenience, the new Peugeot 508 RXH BlueHDi includes countless storage spaces to make life more pleasant for its occupants: a storage space in the centre cosole, a glove compartment with fresh air ventilation, two cup holders in the front and two in the reari, bottle holders in each door panel, a storage space below the armrest and a detachable ashtray.