Play Different. Play Connected. PEUGEOT MUSIC is a unique musical experience. It represents a new means of expression for the brand in the creative arts. This service offers access to emerging talented people with a universal language: music!


Enjoy Life


PEUGEOT Music is a unique musical experience which offers everyone, wherever they are in the world, access to the best emerging stars and artists.


A Unique Music Identity

PEUGEOT MUSIC is a unique musical experience with a selection of local and internationally renowned artists. It reflects PEUGEOT's DNA with its selection of internationally renowned artists, together with talented new discoveries. Users can also enjoy a Web radio station with more than 200 titles classified by category and broadcast without advertising.

Always Connected

PEUGEOT MUSIC is already available wherever you are in the world, on computer or smartphone. Access to it is free. The app is also available in your PEUGEOT equipped with MIRROR SCREEN technology. PEUGEOT MUSIC can then be used directly on your car's touch-screen.