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Drive with peace of mind: in the event of an impact, your vehicle automatically makes an emergency call without any intervention on your part. The call centre, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, immediately locates your vehicle, contacts you in your own language Depending on the geographical coverage of Peugeot Connect SOS and the official national language chosen by the vehicle owner.  and, if necessary, requests the appropriate assistance.

You can also be a witness to or victim of a critical situation: pressing the "SOS" button in the passenger compartment for two seconds is enough to immediately contact the call centre.


Peugeot Connect Assistance can be used via the "Lion" button on the dashboard. Simply press for 2 seconds in order to be put in direct contact with the Peugeot 24/7 assistance platform.

Your vehicle is then geolocalised by the tele-operator. All the necessary information (vehicle serial number, mileage, mechanical alerts, etc.) is transmitted to Peugeot Assistance for an initial remote technical assessment and the rapid dispatch of a suitable breakdown service if necessary Once contact has been established, Peugeot Assistance's services are subject to the terms and conditions of the contractual warranty or service contracts. .