European Leader, Groupe PSA Launches Hat Trick of New Vans

New Peugeot Partner

European Leader, Groupe PSA Launches Hat Trick of New Vans

NEWS | 30 08 2018

Groupe PSA has underlined its clear intention to further strengthen its market share lead of more than 30% in the European compact van market, with the launch of a new generation of the highly-successful Peugeot Partner, alongside its sister vans from Citroën and Opel. The new vans are the fruit of a joint collaboration between the three brands, boasting incredible levels of equipment and comfort features and developed on the Group’s cutting edge EMP2 platform, to guarantee the highest quality, efficiency and performance. With more than 20% market share in 2017 (+16% y-o-y), Groupe PSA is the overall leader in light commercial vehicles sales in Europe.

Philippe Narbeburu, Senior Vice-President, Light Commercial Vehicles, said: "This new generation of vans marks a new phase in our range renewal process. Our modern line-up features efficient vehicles designed to meet our customers' demanding needs and provide a better customer experience. We hope to consolidate our leadership in Europe and continue to export our knowledge and skills to other continents."

Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman of International Van of the Year (IVOTY), described the new arrivals as, “the most significant small panel van development in years.”

He continued: “The new PSA Group van trio is well future proofed and packed with technological advancements to aid the driver and financially benefit owners / fleet managers.”

These latest models offer customers exciting new features normally found on passenger cars to provide even greater safety (driving and manoeuvring assistance systems), comfort (e.g. adjustable lumbar support, acoustic treatment) and convenience (including increased payload, longer load space, and worksite packs boasting higher ground clearance, Grip Control and protection kits).

IVOTY meets Peugeot Partner

Pictured from left to right are: David McQueen, Head of LCV Product Development, Groupe PSA; Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman of International Van of the Year; Philippe Narbeburu, Senior Vice-President, Light Commercial Vehicles, Groupe PSA.

To cover all the needs of business users, Groupe PSA now offers a wider than ever range of body styles with various combinations of payloads (650 to 1,000KG), body lengths (4.40 and 4.75 m), numbers of seats (2, 3 and 5) and practical options such as a load-through hatch, roof flap, brighter lighting in the load zone, and 220V power outlets.

The Peugeot Partner will be produced at the Mangualde (Portugal) and Vigo (Spain) plants. To support the sales ambitions set for the new range, a third production team in Mangualde (225 new jobs) and a fourth in Vigo (900 new jobs) were set up and became operational in April and June, respectively. These two plants in the Iberian Industrial Division, which meet Groupe PSA’s highest standards in terms of performance, have made profound changes to accommodate the new vehicles.

The launch marks the 3rd generation of the Peugeot Partner. Groupe PSA dominates the highly competitive compact van segment, with a European market share of more than 30% in 2017. The Peugeot Partner was the best-selling van in Europe in 2017 with close to 78,000 sales. The vehicles will be sold in some 100 countries, with first orders open in Europe in September, followed by a launch in Ireland in early 2019.