PEUGEOT manufacturer warranty for new cars

Get all the advantages of a full warranty when you buy a new PEUGEOT, with manufacturing, paintwork and perforation defects all covered. PEUGEOT even goes beyond legal warranty obligations in certain circumstances. PEUGEOT's manufacturer warranty is valid across the whole of the EU and in 15 other countries or regions. The work covered by these warranties is carried out free of charge by professionals in the PEUGEOT network.




  • Defective parts, except parts that are subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. brake pads)


Contents of the warranty:

  • Repair or free replacement of defective parts
  • Breakdown cover and towing cover included under Peugeot Assist

Duration/km :  

  • 5 years from the date of the first registration
  • 100,000 Kms


Defects covered:

  • Defect in the paintwork or lacquer on the original bodywork


Contents of the warranty:

  • Partial or total respraying or re-lacquering to rectify the defect



  • 3 years (private and commercial vehicles)


Defects covered :

  • Perforation: corrosion of the bodywork from the inside to the outside


Contents of the warranty:

  • Repair or replacement of the defective parts where the corrosion is visible



  • 12 years (private car)
  • 5 years (commercial vehicle)


Contents of the warranty:

  • On top of the coverage already mentioned, electric and hybrid vehicles also have an 8-year warranty for their traction battery.


How can I find detailed information about the warranties?

You can find detailed information about the warranties you own in the maintenance and warranty manual you were given when you purchased your PEUGEOT vehicle. You can also read the general terms and conditions of the warranty:

How does the warranty work?

If you have an incident after buying your PEUGEOT (breakdown, paint defect, perforation in the bodywork), visit a PEUGEOT garage with your maintenance and warranties manual. Only an approved PEUGEOT technician can assess whether the defect can be repaired under PEUGEOT's commercial warranty.

And what if I have a breakdown while still under warranty? 

If you break down, you should contact PEUGEOT Roadside Assistance. Our experts will be best able to deal with the incident in the shortest possible time. In addition, all costs of the breakdown or towing service will be covered until you arrive at the nearest PEUGEOT garage (within a maximum radius of 100 km). If the repair time on your car is longer than two hours, your garage mechanic will offer you an alternative means of transport to continue your journey.

Warranty extension after purchase

You can sign up for a warranty extension up until the last day of your contractual warranty. If you wish to do this, simply contact your retailer.

Does the warranty expire on resale?

Your warranty is transferable to the new owner of your vehicle and the same conditions apply for the remainder of the contract.

Who can I contact if I have a question about the warranty?

You can find all relevant information about the warranty in the maintenance and warranties manual you were given when your vehicle was delivered. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with a PEUGEOT garage.