Is an electric vehicle right for you?


When considering buying an electric vehicle, you need to take several criteria into account, including your daily mileage, how frequently you go on long journeys and, finally, your access to charging stations.

1. Daily mileage: did you know that more than two-thirds of motorists travel less than 50 km a day on average? Our electric range meets most motorists’ needs (up to 340 km WLTP with the e-208). If you travel long distances every day, then our plug-in hybrid range takes over!


2. Frequency of long journeys: enjoy a range of up to 340 km WLTP with our electric vehicles. When you travel long journeys, the Zap-Map app and its Trip Planner function enable you to plan your route, with breaks for charging your vehicle. As for our plug-in hybrid range, set off in confidence: the combination of electric motor and petrol engine will get you there whatever the distance!


3. Access to charging stations: charging your PEUGEOT electric vehicle is very simple. You can charge our entire range at home, whether you live in a house or an apartment block, at work or via public charging stations. Charging times vary depending on the technology used. We provide you with help selecting the best charging method to meet your needs.

Estimate your electric vehicle’s charging time