Peugeot Lion Tops Monaghan Sales Charts

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Peugeot Lion Tops Monaghan Sales Charts

NEWS | 07 09 17

The Peugeot brand was the best-selling light commercial van brand in Monaghan for the month of August, continuing the trend as best-selling van brand in 2017. High demand for the best-selling Peugeot Partner van, the load-lugging Boxer van and the excellent new Peugeot Expert van, Irish Van of the Year 2017 has placed Peugeot firmly at the top of the Monaghan sales charts this year. Achieving a huge 30% county Monaghan van market share year to date (+5.8%), the lion-brand is enjoying a surge in consumer interest across the award-winning Peugeot range of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Noelle Flack, Dealer Principal at Flack Brothers Monaghan, said “We are thrilled with this result. Our van business is thriving and interest in the Peugeot range, both cars and vans, has never been as strong. With award-winners like the 2008 SUV, Irish Small SUV of the Year and new 3008 SUV, European Car of the Year 2017, enquiries are continuing to soar. Indeed we are finding ourselves talking to new customers every day. The much-anticipated new 5008 7-seater SUV has just landed in Monaghan and we have more new models on the way. Indeed, the future is bright! The team at Flack Brothers is looking forward to the future with full confidence in the Peugeot brand. I wish to thank each and every one of our precious customers for their business.”

Nationally, demand for the Peugeot van range in August, pushed the brand up into 4th place overall, with a 9.6% market share, an increase of 19% year on year. The Peugeot range, cars and vans combined, recorded the highest growth in the top ten marques for the month of August, with a 41% increase year on year, registering a 5.7% market share.