7 October 2022

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On Sunday 11 September 2022, the "6 Hours of Fuji" race, the fifth round of the World Rally Championship, was held. 


For Loïc Duval and James Rossiter, two drivers from the Peugeot TotalEnergies Team, the race was also the perfect opportunity to return to their favourite places in Japan. Indeed, both of them have lived in Japan for several years. It was with enthusiasm and passion that they played the game of travel journaling. Armed with their cameras, they wandered through Tokyo, following their memories and emotions. Exclusively for you, they share the memory of their Japanese experience.

Pour Loïc Duval et James Rossiter, deux pilotes de la Team Peugeot TotalEnergies, la course fut aussi l’occasion rêvée de revenir vers leurs lieux de prédilection au Japon. En effet, l’un et l’autre ont vécu plusieurs années au Japon. C’est avec enthousiasme et passion qu’ils se sont prêtés au jeu du carnet de voyage. Armés de leur appareil photo, ils ont déambulé dans Tokyo, au gré de leur mémoire et de leurs émotions. En exclusivité pour vous, ils partagent le souvenir de leur expérience japonaise. 
James Rossiter's good spots in Tokyo

Cycling in Tokyo


 When I was living in Japan, I was able to develop my passion for cycling thanks to the Brotures Harajuku bike shop. This place was very important during my years in Japan. As I visited the shop, I developed a strong friendship with the owner. Thanks to him and his expert advice, I was able to build my own custom bike! When I won bonuses for each race, I went back to buy parts for my bike. I used it every day to get around Tokyo. It was a way to stay in shape and get around the city easily.

Shibuya Crossing: the iconic intersection


 This is an iconic place in Tokyo! I have always taken those who have visited me there, my friends and family. I find there is no better place to show them the Japanese lifestyle. It has all the Japanese stereotypes: the multitude of lights, the constant crowds and the hustle and bustle that are so characteristic of the Japanese capital.

Roppongi Crossing: my favourite neighbourhood


“ I love this area! It's very close to where I lived in Japan. I lived in three different flats during my 8 years there, all towards the Roppongi area.  In my first flat, I lived with André Lotterer, a pilot friend of mine: I have so many good memories! We often wandered around Roppongi at night. That's where my favourite bars and restaurants are. 

Do you know the Uni?


“ If you go to a Japanese restaurant, you might notice a dish called Uni (it's pronounced "oo-nee"). In Japan, the word Uni refers to the sea urchin gonads that people cook and eat. It is a typical Japanese dish that I recommend you try and it is also my favourite dish! It is very particular in taste but I love it. I've tasted it all over the world, but only in Japan and Tokyo can you find the real authentic Uni, the best!

Loïc Duval's Japanese memories

Meeting with my Japanese "father"


“ Satoru Nakajima is a mythical driver in Japan. He was the first driver from his country to compete in the entire Formula 1 world championship. When I arrived in Japan, he opened the door for me and gave me the chance to come and drive in his team in Formula Nippon, Nakajima Racing. He was always very supportive and we always kept in touch. When I had races in Japan, he came to see them even when I was no longer driving for him. 

The Japanese TGV: a model of punctuality


“ I took a photo of the departure board of the Shinkansen trains. When I lived in Tokyo, I used to take the Shinkansen to go back and forth to the different circuits. Trains in Japan are always on time, it's a very punctual culture. Contrary to the problems of delay that we can encounter in France, this is something that has marked me: you can always count on the departure time of your train!!


Loïc :


 It's my first memory when I arrived in Japan: when I landed at Narita airport, I took the Narita Express to go to Tokyo Station and I found myself in the hubbub that Tokyo Station can be. I have this memory of being thrown into the bath at Tokyo Station. It's a very nice old building that contrasts with the modern skyscrapers that surround it. I think it's a nice place.

James :


 Lots of memories at Tokyo Station for me. It's something completely unique to live in Tokyo and take the fastest train in the world to the Susuka circuit, or the Sugo circuit. It's a very big and beautiful station where you can get lost very easily. The first time I went there, I had a lot of trouble finding the platforms, but soon it became a regular stop on my way to the circuits.

What about the 6 hours of Fuji?


Here are the comments of each of the two drivers about the course of the race:


• Loïc Duval, after qualifying:


“ Between the two cars in qualifying, we tested different things. We're still in a learning phase but we're here, in the competition. We have made a big step forward compared to Monza and our first race. Today, in qualifying, there was a gap, it's true, with the competition which has much more experience. We suffered a little bit, especially in balance, in some parts of the circuit, but the key to the race will be consistency and reliability. We want to get closer to the others every time. With five cars in the class, we are aiming for the podium tomorrow.


• James Rossiter, after the race:


 Taking the start here at Fuji was really nice. I had a really fun stint, as the car was perfectly balanced. I'd like to thank the sister car and Jean-Eric for letting me through, as I was really able to push the pace. Except for this little off-track to avoid a GT, I must say that my driving session was very positive. I would like to thank the whole team because since Monza, what an evolution on the 9X8!

The 6 hours of Fuji in figures


  • In the #93, Jean-Éric Vergne, Mikkel Jensen and Paul Di Resta took turns.

  • In the #94, James Rossiter, Loïc Duval and Gustavo Menezes took turns.

  • Best race lap for the #93 (1'31''115), for the #94 (1'31''182)

  • Track temperature 45°C, air temperature 28.4°C

  • More than 2000 km covered in the race in total

  • 4th position for the #93 in the overall classification for the 9X8 of the Team Peugeot TotalEnergies