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Fuel consumption and emissions (1)

To offer you improved information, Peugeot, a brand of the PSA Group, gives you an independent, certified measurement of consumption and emissions based on real usage. Peugeot have joined forces with the NGO Transport & Environment (2) and the federation France Nature Environment (3). to design a protocol to measure consumption and emissions in real-life situations, validated by the Bureau Veritas certification company(4).


This protocol predicts the real-world fuel consumption and emissions of vehicles in traffic, over a 92.3 km route of urban, rural and motorway roads. The vehicles measured travel on open roads in normal traffic conditions, with passengers and luggage. Air conditioning or heating are turned on. The roads have gradients typical of real-world usage (5).


This allows Peugeot, a brand of the PSA Group, to be more transparent with its customers.

(1) Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Emissions in Number (PN) 

(2) Transport & Environment: European environmental association specialising in implementing a sustainable transport policy 

(3) France Nature Environment: French federation of associations for the protection of nature and the environment 

(4) Bureau Veritas: global certification office for inspection, certification and laboratory testing. 

(5) The figures provided, to be distinguished from EU type-approval consumption (only official values), depend on these assumptions and conditions and on a protocol not harmonised in the EU. They therefore have no general applicability and are provided for information purposes only. The measurement protocol is available on the PSA Group website, To compare the fuel consumption or CO2 emission values of a new passenger car based on a harmonised test protocol in the European Union, official fuel consumption or CO2 emission values should be used. For more information, please visit .