Peugeot Boxer 4x4 Concept


PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT | a trail-blazer up for any adventure.

With its distinctive style and innovative materials, PEUGEOT presents its intense and exciting vision of the recreational vehicle. 

Heir of the PEUGEOT RIFTER 4x4 CONCEPT, it is also designed for exploration on all types of terrain.

PEUGEOT RIFTER 4x4 CONCEPT | the groundbreaker!

The roving adventurer

PEUGEOT RIFTER 4x4 CONCEPT: this roving show car, PEUGEOT’s pioneering vision of the future of outdoor recreational vehicles, paved the way at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.


PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT, a trail-blazer up for any adventure.

With its striking design and innovative materials, the PEUGEOT BOXER has been transformed for the 2019 VDL* show into a roving adventurer that is up for anything.

The first challenge was to break the mould of the traditional camper van and showcase the PEUGEOT brand’s vision of this type of vehicle. To enliven a segment devoted to freedom, the focus is on style and the thrill of adventure.

The WANDERLUST GREEN body colour offers total immersion in nature. The glossy, pearlescent finish allows the vehicle to blend in with nature seamlessly. The bodywork is brightened by some touches of MINT and sloping DARK CHROME stickers that wrap around and add a streamlined look to the rear.
The new grille is sculpted in the brand’s most up-to-date style with bright CAST IRON grille trim, while the robustness of the rocker panels has been enhanced, echoing the protective shoe at the front and the serrated wide wings. The proportions of the front end have been profoundly altered by the addition of the windscreen visor. Convenience remains a priority, with windscreen and engine access having been redesigned.
Getting to your sleeping quarters in the middle of the night will be as easy as in broad daylight: there are 8 LED modules, which are from the PEUGEOT 508, incorporated directly into the bodywork above the windscreen to help you find your way in the dark.


Based on the PEUGEOT BOXER L3, the 6 metres of length have been optimised to offer adventurers 10m² of living space, which is ideally suited for 2 or 3 people. 4 distinct areas have been laid out, with a kitchen and dining room, a sleeping area, a bathroom and the driving position. The numerous storage spaces will allow you to bring all the equipment you need for extreme sports and day-to-day living!


Eco-efficiency and durability are at the heart of the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT. The choice of materials has been the focus of special attention: the table, worktop and sink are made of ARAGONITE, a natural white mineral that combines the hardness of natural stone with the beauty of porcelain, while the entire floor is made of materials that are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable! The plastics used are made from car fuel tanks (85%), milk bottles (10%) and various white products (soap bottles, for example) (5%). With 50 kg of recycled plastic, it represents a saving of 75 kg of CO2 compared to a standard plastic floor.

The interior is an invigorating cocoon, decorated in relaxing pale colours that contrast with the exterior. The woodwork adds extra warmth to the interior, while the upholstery and trimmings are specifically designed for this model. The sporty technical mesh is combined with an Alcantara® GREVAL GREY trim that is taken from the new upholstery of the PEUGEOT e-208 GT, 508 HYBRID GT, 508 SW HYBRID GT and 3008 HYBRID4. MINT coloured BOXER logos have been added by means of textile transfer, a technique used by major textile brands, and the use of MINT for the seatbelts has also saved them from their usual dull obscurity.



In order to enable it to explore nature in an environmentally responsible way, the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT complies with the latest emissions standards (with DPF* and SCR**) and with the latest Euro 6 standards in force.


The PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT is much more than an exercise in style. It is required to be as at home on gravel, mud and snow as it is on rocky roads.

The 4x4  transmission is provided by a viscous coupling and a transfer case at the front activated via 3 switches.

3 driving modes are available :

2WD, for driving in 2-wheel drive mode, for daily driving

4WD, which supplies power to the rear wheels in the event of a loss of traction

Lock, used to lock the rear axle, useful for extreme crossings and bridge crossings

4 high-performance tyres enhance the effectiveness of the 4-wheel drive.  PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT is equipped with off-road tyres combined with 16” aluminium rims.

The ground clearance, which has been increased by 30 millimetres at the front and 50 millimetres at the rear, and the BlueHDi 165 engine with its 370 Nm of torque and 6-speed manual gearbox, allow it to handle almost any obstacle.

You’ll never be lost with the new 9-inch touchscreen navigation system that allows you to enter the vehicle’s dimensions and thus avoid roads with potential size restrictions.

This navigation system is compatible with the WAZE real-time traffic application and allows two phones to be connected simultaneously by Bluetooth®.


To ensure that there are no limits to where you can venture, a Canadian walnut canoe incorporates the design elements of the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT and can be mounted on the roof rack, custom-made to ensure that it does not hamper the opening of the sun roofs. The custom side ladder fits over the wheel arch and provides easy access to the roof rack, while still allowing access to the side-mounted equipment.
And last but not least, the PEUGEOT eM02 FS Powertube ATV will handle the rest. An electrically-assisted mountain bike, this is the latest generation of PEUGEOT eBikes. The compact battery is incorporated directly into the frame, resulting in a sleek and stylish look. Versatile thanks to its double suspension, it is the ideal companion on challenging journeys. It can be stowed at the rear of the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT on a dedicated rack. Its MINT colour is identical to the vehicle’s coloured inserts and contrasts subtly with the matt black doors.


The final challenge was to enlist the help of leading partners in their fields, and to offer them the opportunity to think outside the box.


The all-wheel transmission was developed with DANGEL, the brand’s long-standing partner and a renowned specialist in 4WD conversions. Their logo has adopted the MINT colour to mark the occasion.


ALPINE has taken care of the navigation and entertainment system and developed it specifically for motorhomes. This option comes factory-fitted. A 23 cm screen and the possibility to enter the dimensions of the vehicle will ensure a stress-free drive. The maps include service stations, a complete list of points of interest throughout Europe as well as details of dealerships. 


The sink, worktop and table are provided by KERROCK.

Start-up SASMINIMUM designed the flooring, which was developed as part of their “Le Pavé” project. They collect plastic from the natural environment and from seashores: waste that doesn't normally make it into other recycling streams. The flooring is certified by the Waste&Hope label, which means that the raw material is more expensive to buy but this in turn finances the social and ecological activities of this organisation. The product is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.