PEUGEOT Navigation equipment an associated TomTom services

What are the PEUGEOT Navigation equipment and the associated TomTom services included in the Connected Navigation Pack?

This is the new generation of navigation system fitted to vehicles of the PEUGEOT brand. This navigation system offers the following features:

  •  A capacitive touch screen: more sensitive and faster, it promises fluidity and brightness comparable to the screens of latest generation smartphones.
  • A TomTom 3D map. 4 updates per year of the TomTom cartography are offered to you for free, online, from your MyPEUGEOT application;
  • Voice recognition to control the main functions of the system (navigation, media, comfort on board, etc.).
  • The TomTom services included in the Connected Navigation Pack,including Speedcam alerts, provided that your vehicle has been purchased in the service marketing area and that your vehicle is equipped with PEUGEOT Navigation equipment (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg , Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Ireland).

Details of the country coverage of the TomTom services included in the Connected Navigation Pack available in the Terms & Conditions of the Service.

If your vehicle is equipped with both the integrated PEUGEOT Navigation and the BRAND Connect Box (SOS button present), the connection to the connected services is automatic and at no additional cost. Indeed, it is the SIM card present in the vehicle that allows data exchange via the internet.

If the PEUGEOT Connect Box equipment is not present in your vehicle, the internet connection will be made in BlueTooth via your smartphone and your data plan. This first requires pairing your phone.

In order to find more information concerning the activation of the services, we invite you to consult this link. LINK TO FAQ PAGE "NAVCO ACTIVATION"

A description of the connected services is available here.