A different way to finance your new Peugeot


  1. You choose a deposit.
  2. We’ll set a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value for you new car.
  3. Your monthly payments are then calculated on the difference (not the full amount) which means lower monthly repayments for you.


  • Keep the car and pay / re-finance the outstanding amount.
  • Hand the car back to us.
  • Trade in for a new car using the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value.

  • Financing your vehicle
  • The Maintenance Privileges Contract
  • The Financial Loss Guarantee

Lease with Option to Buy (LOB) over periods of 24, 36 or 48 months, with a voluntary deposit of up to 25% of vehicle purchase price, with a contractual part-exchange obligation, in other words the vendor undertakes to regain possession of the vehicle after payment of the last instalment for an identified price (between 35% and 50% of the purchase price) if the customer so desires (which therefore allows the customer to choose between the acquisition of the current vehicle, albeit at a high purchase price, and its return) and the choice of an EGVN, PCPE, Maintenance Contract, or PCPM.   The customer may in addition subscribe to a Death and Disability Insurance (DDI) and a Safety and Replacement Insurance (SRI) (Financial Loss Warranty).

Keep your vehicle in the best working condition on a long-term basis. The Maintenance Privileges Contract includes full cover for parts and manpower for maintenance operations, the loan of a replacement vehicle and the replacement of worn parts, and in the event of technical malfunctions after the end of the initial warranty period of two (2) years.    It also offers 24-hour-per-day and 7-day-per-week assistance for repair or towing if required. Operations prior to MOT testing are also covered.

Optional insurance providing for the customer to be reimbursed for the first rental amount subject to a limit of 20% of the purchase price, for the excess charge due to the insurer up to a limit of 800 euros, for the balance of the application, and to benefit from a loyalty premium of 3% of the total of the finance contract for the damaged vehicle up to a limit of 1000 euros, if the customer opens a new application within 90 days following the claim incident, and whichever finance technique is employed.    The insurance provision is applicable in the event of theft, fire or destruction/write-off of the vehicle financed.  Its monthly cost is 0.14% of the total financed. This "complementary insurance" may be applied concurrently with the Financial Loss Warranty proposed by insurers or banks.

Traditional HP Finance

This package includes all the following elements:


It’s easy to finance your vehicle with traditional financing: a no-surprises solution tailored to your needs.

Take advantage of a flexible and simple solution with our traditional financing:

  • No need for an extra trip to the Bank. Your Peugeot dealer will do all the work.
  • We have some great rates availble.

  • Financing your vehicle
  • The Maintenance Privileges Contract
  • The Better Than Argus Guarantee