The benefits of a balloon loan

After the credit agreement, have the option of a new car

With the help of your PEUGEOT dealer or agent, you decide yourself the duration (up to a maximum of 61 months) and the amount of your monthly payment instalments.

So that you can drive with total peace of mind, from this moment onwards PEUGEOT continues to provide you with the assistance of a range of additional services. Rediscover all these services under the heading PEUGEOT Service Contracts (link to or for France).

Any additional services that you may choose are included in your finance, so that you have only one monthly instalment to pay.

A loan is a personal commitment and must be repaid. Ensure that you can make the necessary repayments before making this commitment.

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All-inclusive packages


Organise your money as you please and ensure your vehicle is always new by changing your car regularly. With the Credipar package offers, we offer you the opportunity to change your vehicle at the end of your finance period while conserving your savings. Keep your freedom with Credipar and finance your vehicle at the most attractive price.