peugeot e-PARTNER 100% electric

PEUGEOT Partner & e-Partner | Electric Utility Van

Backed by more than 20 years of being tested by the pros with a quality that sets the standard on the market, the latest generation of PEUGEOT Partner offers you unprecedented pleasure and comfort in the utility segment with the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® as well as the freedom to choose between a petrol, diesel or electric engine.



Up to 275 km of driving range (WLTP) 


100% electric driving offers a new experience without compromising on performance:

  • Identical useful volumes, two lengths, two body shapes and customisable versions 
  • Payload up to 800 kg 
  • Towing capacity up to 750 kg 
  • Smooth and jolt-free driving
  • Rapid acceleration thanks to immediate engine torque 
  • A silent motor
  • Driving comfort thanks to reduced vibrations

0 g of CO2 emissions while driving 


Achieve savings thanks to:

  • Lower energy costs than with fuel
  • Low usage cost thanks to reduced maintenance 
  • Government grants: New Eco Bonus of €5,000 and Conversion Bonus of €2,500 
  • Use of ECO mode to optimise battery life

30 minutes to restore 80% of driving range. On 100 kW fast charging station. Charging time may vary depending on the type and rating of the charging terminal, the outside temperature at the charging point and the battery temperature.


Make your life easier with fast and intuitive charging:

  • Manage charging, pre-setting of the passenger compartment temperature and other remote functions via the MyPeugeot app
  • Hire a petrol or diesel vehicle at a preferential rate with the Mobility Pass if you occasionally need more driving range


Thanks to the services offered by the MyPeugeot app, enjoy independence when it comes to managing your electric vehicle.


Be it self-employed professionals or fleet managers, all professions have their own set of requirements.

In order to satisfy your specific needs and uses, the PEUGEOT Partner is available in multiple specification levels: S Premium, Grip Premium, Professional Premium and Asphalt Premium.


The new PEUGEOT e-PARTNER is available in the same versions as the petrol/diesel engine versions in order to meet all your needs: in a van 2 lengths: Standard 4.40 m and Long 4.75 m, up to three seats with the Multiflex rear seat., in an extended cab up to five seats, fixed or fold-up, only in the long version., with a useful volume of up to 4.4 m³ for the long version (3.8 m3 for the Standard version). strictly identical thanks to the installation of batteries under the floor and an internal height of less than 1.90 m, ensuring access to most car parks.

In order to meet ever more needs, the new PEUGEOT e-PARTNER is available in the PRO and PREMIUM finishes as well as “on-the-road” versions: ASPHALT for high-mileage users, and GRIP. for difficult access conditions. 



The PEUGEOT PARTNER ASPHALT is dedicated to high-mileage users who spend long hours at the wheel with:



The PARTNER GRIP is completely suited to difficult-to-access terrain and heavy, long loads, as well as the need to transport three people with:

  • Raised ground clearance 
  • Large wheels with Mud & Snow tyres 
  • Advanced Grip Control 
  • Three seats in the front 
  • A plastic-coated loading floor 
  • Increased payload of 1,000 kg 
  • Reinforced lighting of the loading area
  • Spare wheel



Designed as a variation of the EMP2 platform, the PEUGEOT PARTNER allows easier manoeuvring thanks to its shorter overhangs and a reduced turning circle: the turning diameter between pavements is just 10.82 m for the STANDARD version and 11.43 m for the LONG version.


With a STANDARD or LONG body +35 cm long compared with the STANDARD body., the payload can range from 650 kg up to 1,000 kg depending on the version.


  • STANDARD version
  • LONG version
  • with Worksite Pack

With the STANDARD body, the useful length is 1.81 m or up to 3.09 m with the Multiflex rear seat option.


With the LONG body, the useful length is 2.16 m +35 cm compared with STANDARD body. or up to 3.44 m with the Multiflex rear seat option.


  • STANDARD version
  • LONG version
  • excluding Worksite Pack
  • with Worksite Pack
  • without/with 1/with 2 sliding side door(s)
  • without partition
  • with partition

The STANDARD 4.40 m-long body allows two Euro pallets to be loaded for a volume ranging from 3.30 m3 to 3.80 m3 depending on the version.


LONG body, with a length of 4.75 m +35 cm compared with the STANDARD body., offers a loading volume of between 3.90 m3 and 4.40 m3.

The STANDARD body allows two Euro pallets to be loaded for a volume ranging from 3.30 m3 to 3.80 m3 with the Multiflex rear seat. available as an option.


The LONG body +35 cm compared with the STANDARD body., offers a load volume of between 3.90 m3 and 4.40 m3 with the Multiflex rear seat. available as an option.

The extended cab option only on the LONG version. can transport up to five people. The rear seat is taken from the PEUGEOT RIFTER for real comfort and unprecedented leg room for the segment.


Unique in the category, the rear seat and the front passenger seat can be retracted, allowing long loads of up to 3.44 m and a useful volume ranging from 1.8 m3 to 4 m3 depending on the configuration.


A complete range of conversions is available in numerous robust and functional options via our partner body workshops.

This efficient base allows our specialist partner body workshops to adapt the vehicle to the needs of increasingly specialised customers.


Thanks to the connected services offered by the MyPeugeot app, enjoy independence when it comes to managing your electric vehicle.


Interact remotely with your vehicle thanks to MyPeugeot Free service available only with RCC + BTA or NAC + BTA - without BTA the deferred charging function is available via the button located in the charging hatch. (control and planning of charging to take advantage of off-peak hours, pre-setting of the passenger compartment temperature, etc.)


Benefit from synchronized services in real time thanks to MyPeugeot® Free app. Subject to mobile network access and depending on market.:

  • Keep an eye on your vehicle’s status (driving data, location)
  • Rapidly access assistance
  • Manage your vehicle’s maintenance and service requirements
  • Easily oversee battery charging and in-car temperature


PEUGEOT Partners and e-Partners benefit from the same EMP2 modular multi-energy platform EMP2: Efficiant Modular Platform.. This allows an uncompromising choice between a petrol or diesel engine or an electric motor.

With its optimised architecture, the new PEUGEOT e-Partner offers an equally spacious loading area and the same driving position as petrol or diesel engines.


With an output of 100 kW (136 hp), the motor offers instant acceleration thanks to immediate engine torque of 260 Nm in Power mode, as well as the pleasure of smooth, dynamic and silent driving However, you must remain in control of your vehicle and pay attention to those around it that are not accustomed to silent vehicles..

The PEUGEOT e-Partner in its two Standard and Long versions. incorporates a high-voltage battery with 50 kWh capacity offering a range of up to 275 km WLTP. Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure. 

It is ingeniously located to preserve identical on-board space and cargo volume.

In actual use, 80% of users will be able to travel between 190 and 275 km Range depends on several factors, in particular speed and use of comfort equipment. with just one charge. 

The battery is guaranteed for eight years or 160,000 km for 70% of its charging capacity For customers who take out a service contract, a certificate attesting to the level of the battery’s charging performance may be made available after each periodic service of the vehicle. On resale of the vehicle, this certificate will guarantee battery performance for the new owner..


Enjoy remarkable driving pleasure aboard the PEUGEOT Partner van with a BlueHDi Diesel or PureTech petrol engine combined with a five or six-speed manual gearbox or the EAT8 eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Enjoy the lowest fuel consumption and emissions in the segment, as well as a competitive usage cost with maintenance intervals of 40,000 km or two years.

Load Carried

Driving with loads on the roof or with a window open increases wind resistance and therefore fuel consumption.

A heavy loading weight will also have an impact on the driving range. WLTP driving range is also defined based on approximately half a payload. 

Driving Style
Smooth and eco-friendly driving will optimise your driving range. up to 15% more driving range.  
Heating and air-conditioning can be responsible for 10% to 30% of your battery consumption. 

Your fuel consumption is increased when travelling uphill and your range is affected.

When travelling downhill, regenerative braking increases your driving range.



The PEUGEOT e-PARTNER can be fully charged on a standard domestic socket 8 Amps. in 31 hours, on a reinforced socket e.g. Green’Up 16 A. in 15 hours, on a Wall Box in 7.5 hours with the standard 7.4 kW on-board charger and in five hours with the optional 11 kW on-board charger.


Thermal regulation of the battery allows the use of chargers up to a power of 100 kW, to achieve an 80% charge in 30 minutes Charging time may vary depending on the type and power of the charging station, the outside temperature at the charging point and the temperature of the battery.. A wide network of more than 200,000 public charging stations is available throughout Europe.


The e-Partner electric van offers three driving modes:


  • Eco: optimisation of autonomy by adjusting certain settings
  • Normal: optimal comfort for daily use
  • Power: Optimisation of performance when transporting heavy loads


Thanks to regenerative braking, two levels of engine braking are available, allowing you to recharge the battery during deceleration:


  • Moderate (default mode), for sensations similar to a petrol or diesel engine vehicle
  • Enhanced (Brake mode), for deceleration controlled by the accelerator pedal


As with a petrol or diesel vehicle, these factors can affect the driving range of a plug-in hybrid vehicle:


As with a petrol or diesel vehicle, these factors can affect the driving range of an electric vehicle:


This system helps you by displaying on the screen replacing the central rear-view mirror on the windscreen, and using two cameras: the first located under the passenger side mirror and a second dual-function camera next to the third brake light. views of the surroundings close to your panel van or van fitted with a bulkhead. It has three sub-functions:



Connectivity is provided by the large 8" or 10" colour touchscreen which comes with a USB socket and a Bluetooth connection. on which you can mirror the contents of your smartphone via the Mirror Screen system. Standard, optional or unavailable depending on the version. Only certified Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlayTM apps will work when driving or stationary. Certain functions of the apps will be restricted when driving. Some types of content, which may be available for free with your smartphone, require a subscription to an equivalent certified, fee-based Android AutoTM or Apple CarPlayTM app. The Mirror Screen feature works with Android AutoTM (for Android smartphones) or with Apple CarPlayTM (for iOS smartphones), subject to mobile data contracts. 

Receive guidance from the Connected Navigation Pack with voice control including real-time traffic and Danger Zones by TomTom Services and, to enhance user safety, connected navigation is accompanied by PEUGEOT Connect SOS and AssistancePEUGEOT Connect SOS launches an alert in the event of an accident, geolocates the vehicle and contacts the emergency services if necessary. - PEUGEOT Assistance offers to put the user in contact with PEUGEOT assistance, which sends a recovery vehicle according to the information provided (geolocation, vehicle identification number, mileage and mechanical alerts reported by the on-board computer). To make everyday life easier, the PEUGEOT PARTNER offers a wide choice of optional connected packs. The Monitoring Pack informs the user when maintenance is required via alerts in the MyPeugeot personal space. - The Tracking Pack geolocates the PEUGEOT PARTNER in real time and assists the police in the event of theft. 


Because a utility vehicle is a great asset in terms of mobility and image, the careful attention paid to the style, on-board comfort and ease of use of the PEUGEOT PARTNER enhances professionals’ status while offering them a new experience.

The PEUGEOT PARTNER has a robust front end with a vertical grille and refined optics, a short, horizontal bonnet, a high waistline and shorter overhangs.

Particular attention has been paid to acoustic comfort to make long journeys more enjoyable.


The storage compartments are designed for multi-use by professionals, easily within reach and cleverly distributed around the passenger compartment, including the glove compartment, boot, space able to be locked with a padlock under the central seat, overhead storage rack and even upper glove compartment.

Located facing the passenger, it takes advantage of the space left by the “bag in roof” airbag and can be used to house a 15” computer or be refrigerated, depending on the option chosen.

To securely stow your load, six stowing rings are supplied as standard and four others can be added at mid-height.

Accessibility is ensured by the sliding side doors optional., while the hinged rear doors 2/3 – 1/3. ensure maximum opening width. optional tailgate.


This modular rear seat comprises a flat floor, a useful volume increased by 400 L and a useful length of up to 3 m in the STANDARD version and as much as 3.35 m in the LONG version, while retaining the ability to transport two people thanks to the fold-away side passenger seat.

This feature allows three people to be seated in the front, enabling you to optimise your journeys by transporting teams and tools.

The central seat is larger thanks to the absence of a handbrake lever.

A mobile office function completes the equipment thanks to its pivoting writing table adjustable to face the passenger or the driver. integrated into the folding backrest of the central seat.



The head-up display in the driver's field of vision allows essential information to be read without taking their eyes off the road, for even greater safety and comfort.



Everything is within easy reach to allow greater concentration and a dynamic and intuitive drive, thanks to the compact double-flat steering wheel.

The head-up display in the driver’s field of vision allows essential information to be read without looking away from the road, for even greater safety and comfort.

The 8" capacitive touchscreen Available as standard or as an option depending on the version and the market. or 10" capacitive touchscreen Available as standard or as an option depending on the version and the market., in the centre of the dashboard and tilted towards the driver, offers direct access to the main functions: radio, navigation, vehicle settings, telephone, etc.


The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is evolving technologically with two new instrument panels, with all the information necessary for the proper management of a 100% electric vehicle.


The standard analogue instrument panel is suitable for managing an electric vehicle and is equipped with:


As an option, you can have a 100% digital display a first in the electric mini-van segment. and a 10" high definition digital tablet. screen approx. 25 cm measured diagonally. 

The display of information incorporating the latest developments in terms of graphic design of the PEUGEOT brand is entirely configurable and customisable.


The instrument panel has several display modes, accessible via a wheel on the steering wheel, allowing users to customise the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® to suit their needs.

This could include setting the screen to display the navigation, electrical charge management or driving assistance systems, whatever suits you.


In the centre of the vehicle is the touchscreen with the connected navigation pack from which you can access the “Electric” menu via the dedicated key.

You can then navigate in the “Flux” screens to directly view energy flows. “Statistics” to display consumption statistics. , “Charge” which allows you to pre-programme charging..

This displays available charging stations and remaining driving range and even allows you to programme times for pre-heating of the passenger compartment.


The central console has been redesigned to accommodate the new “e-Toggle” gearbox control to access the Park/Reverse/Neutral/Drive and Brake functions., the selector for the three driving modes Eco, Normal and Power., activation of “BRAKE” mode for increased deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released, increasing the driving range, available by pressing the “B” button, and a storage space compatible with wireless charging for smartphones.

Available as standard, the new PEUGEOT e- PARTNER is equipped with an electric parking brake. As well as freeing up floor space, this automatic feature adds comfort and peace of mind to everyday driving.