NEW 308 SW

PEUGEOT 308 SW HYBRID & 308 SW: Combustion engine or plug-in hybrid estate


Shake off stereotypes and enjoy every moment behind the wheel of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW.

Allow yourself to be inspired by its expressive non-conformist style, its new technologies designed to intensify the quality of your time on board.

With the PEUGEOT’s Power of Choice Includes the freedom to choose between petrol/diesel or electric engines and to benefit from dedicated support services. commitment, give yourself the freedom to choose your new PEUGEOT 308 SW estate equipped with an efficient petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid engine.



* Pricing and specifications quoted in the above videos are subject to change from the time of filming and may not reflect the current pricing and specification of the vehicle. 


For the latest pricing and specification please consult the download a brochure section on or speak to your local authorised dealership. 




Featuring the brand’s new badge with the Lion at the centre of its new vertical radiator grille, the new PEUGEOT 308 SW estate presents a powerful stance, reinforced by an extended bonnet and a set-back windscreen. 

Its bold proportions, expressive style and sharp, sensual design reveal an assertive and unique personality, defying stereotypes without sacrificing practicality and modularity. 

Suggesting a compact and generous build, its sleek silhouette draws athletic and feline lines, elegantly set off with chrome highlights, a refined light signature and the brand’s new Lion emblem.



Equipped with the brand’s redesigned light signature, featuring refined lamp units, the new 308 SW compact estate boasts full LED Full LED headlights with Matrix LED technology, as standard on the GT and GT PACK versions. LED headlights for other finishes. headlights including PEUGEOT Matrix LED Automatic headlight direction adjustment, allowing you to drive on the main beam setting most of the time. technology to make night driving easier.

The associated blade-shaped DRLs Daytime Running Lights: lights that turn on automatically when the vehicle is started. intensify the feline appearance of your new PEUGEOT 308 SW.



The athletic and distinguished profile of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW compact estate presents aerodynamic lines and a muscular rear suggesting large boot space. Boot volume: from 608 litres with the rear seats up or 1,653 litres with them folded down, depending on the version. The Magic Flat function allows the rear seat to be lowered via a mechanism in the boot to create a flat floor. 

The hands-free tailgate Available as standard, optional or unavailable depending on model. allows you to open and close the motorised boot lid with a simple movement of your foot for easy access. 

The stylish glossy black roof bars Standard on GT and GT Pack models. elegantly enhance the fluidity of its longer body style. 


To make every trip a journey, the new PEUGEOT 308 SW estate is fitted with a spoiler sunroof Available as an option on GT and GT Pack models. allowing you to make the most of the light and the spaces you pass through.


Lending a contemporary look to its charismatic silhouette, the new black and silver badge, adorned with the brand’s iconic lion head, features on the estate’s radiator grille, front bumpers Standard on the GT and GT Pack versions. and rear end. It signifies the desire for quality and timelessness while asserting the brand’s 210 years of history and inventiveness, serving customers looking for an ever more high-end on-board experience.


At the rear, 3D Full LED lights with claw-to-claw illumination Standard on the GT and GT Pack versions. mark the technological and modern character of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW estate.

Perfectly integrated, they set off a powerful rear end, whose aerodynamics have been optimised by a lowered roof line and a cabin fitted to the line of the wheel arches. 

A wide choice of alloy wheels fitted with Class A and A+ Class A and A+ tyres improve driving efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Depending on the market. tyres, selected for their leading road efficiency and performance, confirms the athletic character of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW estate. 


Take the controls of the new user-friendly, intuitive and ultra-connected PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®. 

A flagship feature for the brand in terms of safety and quality of life on board, it has been completely redesigned to offer the driver and all passengers enhanced ergonomics, design and technology. 

Equipped with a new compact, ultra-manoeuvrable heated steering wheel Heating function: Available as standard, optional or unavailable depending on version. , a digital head-up display and a central touchscreen equipped with the innovative new PEUGEOT i-Connect infotainment system, it offers everyone a unique on-board experience, customisable to their interests and desires. 


A true innovation in on-board connectivity, the new 10” HD capacitive touchscreen, equipped with new PEUGEOT i-Connect infotainment technology, provides a truly personalised experience thanks to: 

- smartphone-like user interface Ability to scroll pages with your finger, widgets, shortcuts, etc. 

- multi-window display The 10” multi-connected central screen can simultaneously display up to three windows (navigation, infotainment, vehicle data, trip information, etc.)

- profile management Everyone can define their own profile and save their display, ambience and settings preferences (up to eight user profiles)

- wireless Mirrorscreen function The Mirroscreen function allows you to duplicate compatible smartphone applications on the central screen. Available as standard. 

- up to two smartphones simultaneously connected via Bluetooth Call, multimedia. ,

- new PEUGEOT i-toggles, programmable with frequent actions Each i-Toggle button is a customisable tactile shortcut to a favourite action in the central screen (selected destination, air-conditioning settings, favourite telephone contacts, radio stations, launch of apps, etc.). Available as standard from ALLURE level. 


Travel stress-free with connected navigation With the PEUGEOT i-Connect Advanced, available as standard from the Allure versions or as an option on the Active Pack versions. Connected navigation includes natural language speech recognition. with natural language voice recognition, including automatic “over the air” TomTom® map updating and real-time traffic and danger zones by TomTom Services. The 10” multi-connected central screen can simultaneously display up to three windows (navigation, infotainment, vehicle data, trip information, etc.) 



Thanks to the 10-inch digital head-up display, useful driving information is displayed within easy reach, without having to look away from the road.

The new, ultra-manoeuvrable compact steering wheel is fitted with controls The steering wheel is equipped with controls and stalks that facilitate access to the display settings, the central screen and the car’s main functions (navigation, radio, telephone, driver assistance systems, etc.). to configure the content and display mode of the display and central screen. 

On the GT finish, the 3D digital display prioritises the most important information by displaying it in the foreground, like a hologram, for enhanced readability.


The new central console, with a very sleek and user-friendly design, incorporates a new EAT8 Depending on engine. The new PEUGEOT 308 SW may also be equipped with a BMV6 6-speed manual gearbox. 8-speed automatic gearbox control as well as a new, more efficient and compact air-conditioning system. 

All of the vehicle’s dynamic controls are positioned within easy reach on the driver’s side.

Without a visible gear lever With engines equipped with EAT8 automatic gearbox control., the console offers more storage space Two cup-holders and up to 14 litres of storage. as well as a dedicated area for wireless charging Wireless charging for devices compatible with the Qi standard. Available as standard, optional or unavailable depending on version. of your smartphone. 


The new longer and lower PEUGEOT 308 SW has been cleverly redesigned to offer the best compromise between practicality and interior space for all passengers.

Sitting comfortably in the AGR labelled Aktion Gesunder Rücken (German Association for Back Health): German label awarded for ergonomics and range of settings. Available as standard, optional or unavailable depending on version. heated Available as standard or optional depending on versions. and massaging The massage seats are equipped with eight pneumatic pockets, offering five massage programmes. Available as standard, optional or unavailable depending on version. front seats, take in the quality of the finishes and the beauty of the materials selected for the interior decoration and trim Standard, optional, or not available depending on model. Leather and other materials: for more information on the leather trim, see the technical characteristics at points of sale and on your country’s PEUGEOT website. , such as upgradeable chine fabric, technical knits, Alcantara®, embossed leather or coloured Nappa leather.


Breathe, feel, savour... 

Ensure the quality and filtration of air in the cabin with the Clean Cabin Incoming air filtration system and passenger compartment. Available as standard on the GT and GT Pack versions, depending on the market. system.

Select your ambience from the eight lighting options Available as standard from ALLURE versions. depending on your preferences and mood.

Finally, enjoy the quality of the high-end Focal® Hi-Fi Focal® is a world-leading French high-fidelity solutions brand. Available as an option or unavailable depending on model. sound system, equipped with 10 speakers, a new 12-channel amplifier and ARKAMYS digital sound processing, for the pleasure of listening to pure and sophisticated sound.



Allow yourself to be seduced by the new PEUGEOT 308 SW and give yourself the freedom to choose the engine that suits you: 

  • With the plug-in hybrid model, enjoy the freedom to roam wherever you want, including in restricted traffic areas. 
  • In the petrol and diesel models, you choose from the powerful and efficient petrol or diesel EURO6 engines, all equipped with the Stop&Start function. 


Simplify your trips and the management of your plug-in hybrid vehicle with all the services specially designed to facilitate your energy transition: PEUGEOT Easy-Charge PEUGEOT Easy-Charge provides easy access to the various charging solutions at home or in the office. This is complemented by the Free2Move solution for easy access to a network of more than 220,000 public charging point in Europe. and PEUGEOT Easy-Care. PEUGEOT Easy-Care provides you with service and assistance contracts. It also enables you to obtain a battery capacity certificate, which is useful when reselling.   

Travel with peace of mind with the free MyPeugeot app, allowing you to remotely manage charging or pre-set the temperature of your new PEUGEOT 308 SW.


Enjoy the handling, ease and pleasure of driving behind the wheel of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW compact estate. 

Allow yourself to be guided towards semi-autonomous driving, thanks to the combination of adaptive cruise control Standard, optional, or unavailable depending on the version. with Stop and Go function With EAT8 automatic gearbox. and the active lane-keep assist system. Standard, optional, or unavailable depending on the version.  


To enhance your safety and comfort, a large number of latest-generation driving and handing assistance systems are available from the brand, along with new equipment, including:

• New HD 180° reversing camera Standard, optional, or unavailable depending on the version. 

• 360° parking assistance with four cameras Standard, optional, or unavailable depending on the version. 

• Long-range blind spot monitoring Standard, optional, or unavailable depending on the version. 


To preserve the battery life of your PEUGEOT 308 SW HYBRID and further personalise your driving, select the driving modes that suits your journey or your preferences from the three available: 


  • Electric: allows you to drive fully electric Electric mode is the activated by default when the vehicle is started. at up to 135 km/h. 
  • Hybrid: allows you to optimise energy use by alternating between electric and petrol/diesel driving. 
  • Sport: harnesses all the power of the petrol/diesel engine and electric motor for maximum dynamic performance.

The regenerative braking system of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW HYBRID allows available energy to be recovered during braking and deceleration when the foot is lifted off the accelerator.  This deceleration energy, which is normally lost on petrol and diesel versions, recharges the battery of your PEUGEOT 308 SW HYBRID. 

This action lets the driver partially recharge the high voltage battery and increase the vehicle’s electric driving range.

The Brake function can be activated from the control located on the driver’s side of the central console, in order to allow the vehicle to decelerate without pressing the brake pedal. Acting as an engine brake, it helps to charge the battery.


The battery life in fully electric mode allows you to travel up to 60 km (WLTP) Estimated data, communicated for information only and subject to pending WLTP certification. Electric driving range up to 60 km depending on the options installed in the car. The driving range may vary depending on the actual conditions of use (weather conditions, driving style, etc.). 

  • Its capacity is 12.4 kWh.
  • The high-voltage battery is located under the rear seats, without impacting the spaciousness or volume of the boot above the mat.

The “e-SAVE” feature enables drivers to provide for a reserve of electric energy to be used whenever they wish during their trip, particularly in anticipation of a restricted traffic area.


The battery is guaranteed for eight years or 160,000 km for 70% of its charge capacity.



The HYBRID 225 e-EAT8 engine combines: 


The HYBRID 180 e-EAT8 engine combines:


The 12.4 kWh electric battery provides a 100% electric driving range of up to 60 km WLTP Estimated data, communicated for information only and subject to pending WLTP certification. Electric driving range up to 60 km depending on the options installed in the car. The driving range may vary depending on the actual conditions of use (weather conditions, driving style, etc.).


The lithium-ion battery life of the new PEUGEOT HYBRID 308 SW HYBRID allows you to travel up to 60 km in Electric mode, according to the WLTP Pending WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures) approval. This protocol gives users a more precise and realistic view of the driving range values according to the actual use of the vehicle. certification protocol.


Estimated full recharge times for your PEUGEOT 308 SW HYBRID:


One petrol engine WLTP certification pending. , 1.2 L 3-cylinder engines:


One diesel engine WLTP certification pending. , 1.5 L 4-cylinder engines:


These latest-generation low-CO2 EUR6 WLTP certification pending. petrol or diesel engines, equipped with Stop&Start technology, offer fuel savings, driving pleasure and top-level performance. 






Front (row 1)

  • Elbow room: 1,443 mm
  • 14° chest height: 891 mm


Rear (row 2)

  • Elbow room: 1,414 mm
  • Knee room: 129 mm
  • 608 litres of boot space with the rear seats up On petrol and diesel versions. 
  • Up to 1,634 litres with the rear seats folded down
  • Impact of the positioning of the plug-in hybrid battery = - 60 litres