With its top-of-the-range, ingenious passenger compartment, the 3008 is dedicated to driver and passenger comfort and pleasure.



Inside the 3008 Crossover, the driver sits in an ultra user-friendly "cockpit" with a clear view of the road thanks to the elevated seat position. Ever more stylish, the cabin design includes exclusive features such as chic handles, shiny black conveniently inclined center console, chrome trim...
For a totally high-tech look, the dashboard includes air conditioning and audio or telematic controls.



All the most important information for safe driving in the 3008 is clearly within the driver's immediate view.

Speed, cruise control and Distance Alert®i (system to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles) are projected in different colors for quick, easy monitoring while keeping the eyes on the road. A retractable screen displays onbord computer data, navigational information and parking assistance.



Inside the cabin, the driver and passengers enjoy remarkable visibility and natural light thanks to the 5 m2 glass roofi. The tinted glass minimizes transmission of the sun's heat and glare for optimum comfort.


Inside the 3008 Crossover, passengers enjoy a spacious, extra confortable cabin with precise acoustics, conveniently positioned well cushioned seats… where everyone feels right at home. For added convenience, there are easily accessible yet discreet storage compartments throughout the cabin, such as door slots and a large ventilatged area under the central armrest. The 3008 also features a removeable lighti and three 12-volt plugs.


The 3008's smart modular design allows for all kinds of configurations. The 2/3 - 1/3 foldable back seat is very easy to use. In one quick move, the seat cushions retract and the seatbacks fold down with the flick of a switch in the boot or on top of the seat. The front passenger seat can be folded flat to accomodate extra long loads of up to 2.62 m.


The 3008 features a cleverly designed, ultra-roomy boot to handle all kinds of storage. Depending on the 3 different load positions available, the space can vary from 512 l (432 dm3 VDA standards) under the parcel shelf to 1,604 l (1,241 dm3 VDA standards).


3008 offers a range of interior trims, to create a warm and refined atmosphere inside the car:

  • Mi-Tep Mistral
  • Grikol Mistral weave
  • Grikol Guérande weave
  • Sibayak Tramontane weave
  • Mi-Tep Guérande
  • Tramontane leatheri
  • Guérande leatheri
  • Tramontane full leatheri

For more information on trims, please consult with your local Peugeot dealer.