A dynamic, compact people carrier designed to put driving pleasure first, the 5008 sets itself apart with its innovative equipment.



All the key information need for driving is projected in colour on a foldaway strip located in the driver’s field of visioni : speed, cruise control, Distance Alert®* indicators (system to help drivers maintain a safe distance away from other vehicles). You have all the information you need in clear view to feel ultra-safe at the wheel.



Peugeot Connect combines state-of-the-art audio, multimedia, Sat Navi and Bluetooth hands-free technolog in one simple, integrated system. It makes every journey even more enjoyable, so you can listen to your music or the radio at concert hall quality, then seamlessly switch to making a call – and all while being smoothly guided to your destination.



On the central dashboard of the 5008, an auxiliary socket (jack or USB depending on the vehicle's audio equipment) allows you to connect a portable device or a USB key. It is cleverly placed so that the auxiliary equipment remains out of sight.



With the video packi, rear seat passengers can be entertained during long journeys: video players, games consoles and DVD players can be connected Videos are displayed on the 2 7 in. screens integrated into the back of the front seat headrests, and sound is played through 2 Bluetooth® wireless headsets that run on rechargeable batteries.



This "Available space measurement"i device provides precious assistance for manoeuvres as it evaluates the size of the parking space, and confirms whether or not it is possible to park, as well as the level of difficulty of the manoeuvre. This technology is linked to Park Assist at the front and reari, which makes more or less frequent sounds depending on the distance separating the vehicle from the obstacle, as well as a visual display on the central screen.



A rear view camerai automatically engages when the car shifts into reverse to help the driver see his/her maneuver on a screen to make parking easier and backing up safer.