Peugeot Summer Accessories

Peugeot Summer Accessories

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Peugeot Roof Box

Roof Boxes

Roof boxes allow large loads (tents or strollers) or additional luggage to be transported safely. Their aerodynamic profiles limit fuel consumption.  They blend in harmoniously with the lines of your vehicle thanks to their modern design. Talk to your local PEUGEOT Dealer to find out about the different sizes available for your vehicle.  The rigid roof boxes in the mid-length or long versions have a side opening and closing is assisted by gas struts with a central multi-point lock.

Peugeot Bike Rack

Bicycle Carriers

This "saddle-up" bike carrier has been developed to ensure transport safety, resistance to weather and to the changes of the road.
Easy to install on transverse roof racks, it is equipped with an automatic frame locking and can transport most mountain bikes, hybrid bikes ...
There is no risk of damaging the vehicle because there is no contact with the vehicle body.

Peugeot Cool Box

Cool Box

Ideal on long journeys, whether business or private, particularly with children.  The pleasure of hot or cold refreshments (drinks, fruit, sandwiches, etc.) at any time. The material is resistant to UV and approved for the transportation of foodstuff with enough space for 2 x 2-litre bottles.  It has a skin-effect thermo-electric system (no noise or vibration), requiring no maintenance, resistant to power surges.
when fitted in the centre rear bench-seat it and also serve as an armrest.

Peugeot Roof Bars

Roof Bars

Cross-sectional roof racks increase your cargo capacity and make it easier to transport large-format items. Versatile, they allow the installation of various carrying accessories such as  Luggage compartments and bicycle racks. Perfectly adapted to the dimensions and style of each vehicle, they are designed to avoid scratches on the bodywork and equipped with an anti-theft system. Installation and removal are quick and easy by fixing to the longitudinal roof bars.

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