Touring Accessories



Pack more into your Peugeot


When it comes to packing the car for a holiday or day trip, space goes pretty quickly. Fortunately, there’s more to be had thanks to our specifically designed range of touring packs, guaranteed to make sure you get it all in and more.

There are four to choose from and inclusive in these packs are:

  • Luggage Box Pack – roof bars* & luggage box*
  • Luggage Bag Pack – roof bars* & luggage bag
  • Cycle Pack – roof bars* & roof-mounted cycle carrier
  • Pet Pack – dog guard & boot cover

To find out more about these packs, or to check whether these are available for your Peugeot, simply get in touch with your local Peugeot Dealer.

*Load and volumes capacities will vary dependent on model.



Practical and versatile, your Peugeot has been designed to suit all your needs. But if you’re travelling or taking a weekend break away, it wouldn’t be the same without your boat, trailer or family caravan.

Your local Peugeot Dealer can supply and fit towing equipment from our range of official accessories, all tested to the highest standards. High quality and designed specifically for your vehicle, the fitted tow bar will match perfectly.



If you want to make all those adventures you’ve planned with family and friends a reality, you might just need some extra space once the boot is full to the brim.

A set of transverse roof bars provides an excellent foundation for carrying large items. Roof bars are essential if you plan to add a luggage box, luggage bag or cycle carrier. Official Peugeot accessories fit your car perfectly with the least amount of fuss. All roof bars also feature a locking mechanism for added security.

Roof bars can be fitted quickly and easily by your local Peugeot Dealer



A practical yet stylish way to increase your luggage capacity, roof boxes allow you to safely transport bulky items, like tents or pushchairs.

Roof boxes from the official Peugeot accessory range are designed with an aerodynamic profile. This helps to cut down on extra fuel consumption caused by roof mounted accessories. They also match the modern design of your Peugeot, with clean lines and a bold Peugeot badge.

We only use the highest quality materials to deliver sturdy and reliable transport solutions. Your local Peugeot Dealer can help you fit a new roof box along with matching Peugeot roof bars.

  • Available in various sizes to suit your needs (Short roof box – 330 litres; Mid-length roof box – 420 litres; Long roof box – 420 litres)
  • Side-opening access
  • Gas strut mechanism for easy opening and closing
  • Multi-point central locking for secure transportation



Whether you need a place to store a pushchair, camping equipment or ski gear, a roof bag provides a flexible alternative to the traditional roof box. Instead of a rigid case, a roof bag is made from a flexible but hard-wearing material to store your extra luggage. This means that when you’re not using it, it’s easy to remove, fold up and store the bag in the garage or the boot of your car.

It’s completely waterproof due to tightly sealed seams, and loading is made easy with a simple zip along the side. Straps along the top are designed to keep all of your luggage in place, while the bag itself is made specifically to attach securely to Peugeot roof bars. Removing the bag is simple too. Thanks to the EASY SNAP fitting mechanism, you don’t need to use tools to detach and reattach your roof bag.

  • 280 litre capacity
  • Fitted to Peugeot roof bars
  • Transport large items safely and securely
  • Optimises functionality of the anti-pollution system (Diesel Particulate Filter or FAP)
  • Waterproof
  • EASY SNAP rapid fit system
  • Easy to remove when not in use


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